Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Flock Victims, UNITE!

So, have you come to this pretty pink blog because you currently have a bunch of pink flamingos chilling in your front yard?

Are you wondering who did this to you?

Are you gleefully plotting the revenge you will seek?

While we certainly hope that you are happy about having the Flock in your yard (if not please see the Flock Removal tab above immediately) you must admit, it is kinda fun to imagine sharing this joy.

So why not?  Really, why not share?!  Doesn't everyone deserve a little sprinkling of pink plastic joy in their lives?

So if you would like to Flock someone back, or Flock someone new ... or if you are interested in securing an insurance policy that would prevent others from Flocking you for a whole season ... please contact us!


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